5 Benefits of Central Vacuums

Going through the process of vacuuming can be quite the process with a portable vacuum. They’re typically heavy and inconvenient, smelly, and costly to have to replace every few years. Beyond that, once you’re finally done vacuuming, you’re left wondering just how clean your carpet actually is.

Installing a central vacuum can be solution to all of these problems. Take a look at all the other benefits provided by central vacuum systems to see how they can transform the cleaning process as you begin deep cleaning for the holidays.

Easy to Use

You no longer have to haul out a heavy canister or upright vacuum. This makes central vacuums lightweight and never awkward, bulky, or off balance.

Not only are central vacuum cleaners much easier to store, they’re also much easier to use. You don’t have to worry about using any extension cords, the trash capacity, filter troubles, or winding up long power cords.

Central vacuums make cleaning as painless as possible. They have a wide range of access to all of the hard to reach spots. They also include many accessories to clean every nook and cranny in your home. There is no other vacuum that will allow you to clean as efficiently and effectively.

Quieter When in Use

Vacuuming is typically a job that creates a lot of noise and disruption for others in the house. With many people working from home, and more children doing their schooling from home, it can really hard to find a time to vacuum and not disturb others.

Central vacuum cleaners are much quieter to use, allowing you to vacuum whenever you want, even when a baby is sleeping. The motor is typically located in the garage, basement, or attic so central vacuums make little to no noise beyond the sound of them sucking all of the dirt and debris out of your carpet.

Cleaner Indoor Air and Reduced Allergens

Most vacuum cleaners merely recirculate allergens back into your home with each use and leave your carpet looking cleaner, when in actuality a lot of the dirt and debris is still hidden. They reintroduce these particles back into the air through their exhaust.

Central vacuum cleaners extract the dust out of the house directly into the main power unit to be taken outside your home. They are also generally much stronger than the motor in a portable vacuum, which gives your home a deeper clean.

This can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from extreme allergies, or respiratory/breathing issues because of their ability to eliminate dust particles and odors in living areas.


Vacuum cleaners must be replaced on a pretty regular basis, unlike central vacuum cleaners which have a much longer lifespan. This is primarily because their motor is kept in basements, garages, and attics that allow them to stay cool in wide open spaces and allow them to keep stronger suction for much longer.

This makes central vacuum cleaners a great investment. Instead of regularly re-purchasing new vacuums, you can make the investment in one that will stand the test of time.

Beyond that, they also increase the resale value of your home without having to invest much more than the cost of a regular portable vacuum.

Not only do central vacuums have a longer longevity, they also help to extend the longevity of your carpets. With 2 times more powerful suction they are able to more deeply clean the carpet and protect it from wear and tear.

Easy Installation

Despite what many people assume, vacuum cleaners are very easy to install. They don’t require any demolition or tearing down of walls, but simply installing a covered pipe.

They can be installed in any home, new or existing. Installation is easy to plan and can be accomplished in less than a day in most cases.


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