Building the Smart Home of Your Dreams from the Ground Up

The future of home innovation is here! Like something out of a science fiction film, the ability to integrate a house by voice command and other digital features that control endless assets of a building, the future is now for many homeowners out there.

The most natural way to set up a smart home system is to start during construction. However, by natively integrating your smart home devices like, you can create custom spaces tailored to your needs and comfort as soon as you move in.

System Wiring

Perhaps the most crucial component to consider of all high-tech home features is planning the type of systems you wish to integrate into your building, and in turn, the network or hardwiring setup for them to function correctly. Having a robust and reliable network setup is crucial to ensuring your systems are operational 24/7. Assessing which smart home features are most important will help you choose how best to wiring your new home. From smart home portal systems that to energy-efficient light switches, outlets, panels, and more, an early plan for your home network is the key to an effective smart home system that offers flexibility for future installations. Be sure to assess your current and future automation needs, preferred monitoring methods, and installation preferences as you consider your options.

Smart Thermostats Simplify Heating and Cooling

Smart thermostats are incredibly easy to use and customizable for a homeowner’s preferences and go beyond simple temperature regulation. These systems can monitor your electricity usage to save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep different zones of your home heated or cooled to your ideal temperature.

Smart vents are another addition that can easily integrate with your thermostat. These unique vents can detect changes in temperature throughout the home, automatically regulating those specific areas to the programmed temperature.

Smart ceiling fans use motion detectors to cool rooms as individuals enter or leave and regulate a preset temperature space. For the best results, integrate these fans with a smart lighting system to customize your space.

Smart Lighting for Ambience and Energy Saving

Both interior and exterior lighting can be programmed into your smart home system’s management capabilities. Automated smart lights can be voice-activated, timed, or triggered by motion sensor, recognizing activity (or lack thereof) in a certain part of the home.

Integrated lighting provides homeowners with endless energy-saving solutions, as well as security measures, whether a resident is sound asleep or away on vacation. In addition, lighting systems can be programmed to periodically turn on or off, offering the illusion that the owner is home, even when they’re miles away.

Protect Your Investment with Smart Security

Automated home security systems allow for an added sense of protection when a homeowner turns in for the night and grants easy accessibility for admitting an approved person into a residence when the homeowner is away. From something as simple as accessing a front door, garage, or windows, to video doorbells, security cameras, and motion sensors detecting even the slightest movements in a house or just outside, these exceptional features can grant homeowners a sense of comfort and reliability when they are away from home sweet home.

Emergency and disaster detection is another crucial feature when it comes to automated safety systems. Devices can sense everything from fires, uncommon moisture and dampness or flooding to dangers less detectable, such as risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks, all of which are vital facets of safety and peace of mind.

Home Theater and Entertainment

Whether you’re a music aficionado, dream about having your very own backyard drive-in, or long to be the go-to host for parties, assessing your entertainment needs is an exciting part of planning your smart home build. With endless options from speakers, screens, and more, there’ll be no question who hosts game night from here on out. Home speaker systems can be integrated throughout the interior and exterior, allowing for great tunes no matter where you find yourself and your guests. With the ability to have a home theater setup nearly wherever you’d like, your toughest decisions will be which movie to watch and who’s on snack-making duty.

Your unique needs and interests are an essential part of your path to smart homeownership, allowing for an ultimate experience of comfort, security, and fun. Come visit our showroom or contact us at SCS Home Entertainment, and we will be delighted to help you explore options to make your new home a dream come true.

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