Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Business

Analog displays have been mainstays in advertising, marketing, and business promotion for many years. From billboards to restaurant menus to flyers, many businesses use these displays to increase traffic and consumer interest. However, analog signs may be gradually phased out as more companies understand the appeal of digital signage.

Digital signage is a promising alternative to analog displays. The convenience, sustainability, and flexibility that digital signs offer has led many businesses to make the switch. Learn how digital signs can benefit almost every industry and service.

Flexibility and Versatility

Analog signs can be difficult to adjust or replace once they are installed. The cost of replacing analog signs, displays, or restaurant menus can be high with a relatively low payoff. The money you spend on analog sign replacement can be spent elsewhere by investing in digital signage. Adjusting the message and content displayed on digital signs may only take mere moments instead of hours or days with analog signs.

Digital signs can display any type of content appropriate for your business. You can create digital spreads that feature customer testimonials, menu items, advertisements, and user-generated posts with your touch panel. Digital signage software allows you to change your display automatically instead of taking time out of your workday to swap information. Digital displays can also be changed remotely, reducing the need for you or your employees to be on-site to make changes.

Analog signs require precious resources such as paper, vinyl, steel, and plastic.  These signs also need consistent maintenance and replacement, making them resource-heavy in the long term. Conversely, there is a renewed worldwide interest in sustainability which is likely to increase as time goes on. Many businesses are searching for eco-friendly alternatives to their current practices, and digital signage can reduce the stress your company puts on the environment.

Digital signage adds liveliness, vibrancy, and color to your business, location, or campus, while providing an eco-friendly alternative to your marketing or information techniques.


Over the past several years, access to commercial-grade digital signage has increased for both business owners and consumers. Digital signs have improved 4G, 5G, and LTE capabilities, allowing businesses to interchange their content quickly and efficiently. High-speed, reliable Internet capabilities alleviate the concern of unavailable or improperly displayed content.

Access to digital signage also extends to users and consumers of your business. Digital signage can interact with QR codes, gestures, and other forms of input from your users. Touchscreens were a popular form of user interactivity before the COVID-19 pandemic, and some commercial-grade digital signage products may still offer touchscreens that comply with health guidelines.

Accessible digital signs allow your business to invest less capital and see higher returns in digital signs. Accessible digital signs for your users improve their engagement, interest, and overall retention.

Improved Customer Retention

Retail, restaurants, and other in-store locations use signage to encourage purchases, update sales, and provide additional pertinent information. Traditional signs come in ads, menus, and billboards, but recent research shows that digital signage can improve customer retention in these areas.

One study’s participants remembered at least one advertisement they observed on a digital billboard in the last 30 days. Around 20 percent of these participants discussed the ads they saw with others, demonstrating the effectiveness of digital signage in providing memorable information to customers. Adding graphics, color, and movement to your digital sign further improves the chances of your clients retaining vital information.

Customization for Any Industry

Digital signage assists you in presenting information to your users in an engaging, entertaining manner, which is a valuable tool in virtually any industry or practice. They can reduce your overhead cost by lowering the need for paper, vinyl, and other precious resources, as well as reducing the need for employee supervision on your signage. These benefits allow you to invest your capital elsewhere.

Digital billboards offer dynamic advertising opportunities to any and every business owner. Automatic display changes can be useful for restaurants switching from their breakfast menu to their lunch menu. Retailers can use automated software for advertising upcoming or ongoing sales. School campuses can present updates to students and staff by utilizing movement and color on their digital signs. Social media feeds can display positive customer feedback to customers seeking validation on a potential purchase.

Customization options for digital signage are as limitless as the ideas that your company’s creative, technical minds can create and implement.

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