With our options, you can have music in as many areas of the home as you would like. We make it easy to have the Beatles playing on the deck while Bach is playing in the den, or watch the big game in HDTV wherever you would like throughout the home. The touch of a button will let you have the control you want for all your music, videos, and web content. You may not even notice the speakers making the incredible sound…

Martin Logan SpeakerThey’re not invisible, of course. SCS Home Entertainment sells speakers by the most artful manufacturers that are beautiful on their own. And they fit into your decorating scheme so well that they are unobtrusive and sometimes may even be confused for art!

Bowers and Wilkins Hidden SpeakersOr would you rather your speakers be really hidden?

They can be recessed and placed carefully so you don’t see them, but hear them perfectly from everywhere they should be audible.

Ask us how we can design an installation that puts your speakers where you want them, visible or invisible!

Call SCS Home Entertainment at 887-9558 and allow our experts to put together a system that is beautiful to hear and see.