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Gone are the days of the big home intercom systems. However, communication within your home is still very important. Having a convenient way to let the kids know dinner is ready adds a level of convenience and makes life easier. Let SCS Home Entertainment install a state-of-the-art communication system in your home. Not only for the occasional “dinners ready” but for security reasons as well. Whether it’s wired or wireless, a home security system with communication can be installed in your home or even in your driveway, allowing you to know when a guest arrives and who it is. Whether it’s a hardwired or wireless system, SCS Home Entertainment will help you determine which system best fits your needs and correctly install it for you.

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Reed Reynolds


"We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment"

We were seeking help upgrading our system. We had two objectives in mind. First, we thought we needed a new receiver and we wanted to know why our sub-woofer wasn't working. Second, we wanted to begin planning for a new home. We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment. After calling and speaking to Mark Cloninger, we were pleased that he was willing to stop at our current home. During his visit, he found the sub-woofer had failed and would need to be replaced. He could have advised new speakers all around, but told us our existing speakers were fine; this was most impressive and indicated we could trust SCS. Mark was patient, professional, competent, understanding, educational and clear. After receiving an estimate we were even more confident in the company's integrity and commitment to meeting our needs at the most reasonable cost. We will be doing business both now and in the future with SCS. We are so happy to have a company that is not going to take advantage of us! Reed Reynolds and Judy Hoover