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An interview with Gary Holt, SCS Home Entertainment customer

“I’ve had stereo equipment my whole life. I stopped in there (SCS Showroom) one day and saw they had very nice stuff and great experience,” he says.

Gary is an avid music lover who has always had stereo equipment in his home.  Like many of us, however, technology has moved so rapidly, the equipment we think is still up-to-date is actually outdated by several models.

“I met Domenic and he showed me around. Not only was my equipment obsolete, but I was too,” Holt says with a laugh. “I used to know something about it and today I know nothing about it. He explained all the different technologies and he was very, very helpful. I’m learning today that you need to buy things that are completely compatible with everything else and determine if they fit with your home. That was one thing I didn’t know.
One of SCS top sales associates and equipment expert, Domenic, made a courtesy call to Gary’s home, going through his house and determining what types of components would best suit his needs and his space.

“It was very good and we talked about a lot of things and where systems would be the best and then we went back in to the store. We spent a whole day if not more. I would not at all receive the same type of personal experience.”

Gary says the big box stores may offer similar products but they can’t compete when it comes to knowledgeable staff that is willing to spend as much time as it takes to give the customers pieces that will last for years to come.

“I would very much so recommend SCS to my friends and family. They have top of the line stuff. I was willing to pay for the best and I got the best,” Gary says. “Now, I don’t own a stereo. I own a sound system.”

Today, Gary is a loyal SCS customer. More importantly, he’s now a personal friend.