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Home Audio

Filling your home with the highest quality sound.

The Beatles on the back deck while Bach plays in the basement. From one room to the whole house, SCS Home Entertainment will give you as many options as you would like all controlled by the touch of a button. Amplify your party with incredible sound with custom speakers at SCS. Whether it’s big and bold floor speakers as a home theatre centerpiece or hidden in-ceiling speakers that go unnoticed until you crank up the sound, SCS has top of the line sound options from major brands like B&W, Klipsch, Focal, and Martin Logan.

Whether you’re an audiophile looking to build out a premium sound system yourself or you’re in the market to have a custom solution designed and installed just for you, the expert team at SCS Home Entertainment will help you find the right audio system for your home.

Home Speakers for Every Space

In one room or in every room, today’s speakers are a beautiful piece that blends in with your décor or can be hidden and only heard. SCS Home Entertainment offers a wide variety of speakers allowing you to listen to your music or movies anywhere or everywhere in your home. You can amplify every party with incredibly high-quality sound throughout your home, even outdoors. SCS can design an installation that dramatically improves your entire entertainment experience.

Home Speaker Styles

With speakers of all shapes and sizes, there is an audio setup perfect for every space. Smaller rooms, like bedrooms or game rooms, often need to think about size instead of power. In this case, premium sound bars can boost your audio game without sacrificing room.

In your home theatre, where booming sound gives you that immersive movie experience, floor speakers, bookshelf speakers or in-ceiling custom installations can pack the audio punch you’re looking for.

Home Audio Components

While speakers get a lot of well-deserved love, a great home audio system requires great components. At SCS Home Entertainment, we carry a full selection of modern and classic audio components, including premium turntables, amplifiers, processors, and receivers to power up your speakers and play your entire music collection, whether you’re into digital downloads, vinyl records, or CDs.

Multi-room and Custom Builds

For some of us, audio is an immersive experience. Whether you’re entertaining and want to keep consistent atmosphere from the kitchen to the patio or you want to create custom sound experiences in every space, or you want full-home speaker coverage to use with your preferred smart home hub, the team at SCS Home Entertainment can craft the perfect solution for you.

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    Reed Reynolds

    Reed Reynolds


    "We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment"

    We were seeking help upgrading our system. We had two objectives in mind. First, we thought we needed a new receiver and we wanted to know why our sub-woofer wasn't working. Second, we wanted to begin planning for a new home. We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment. After calling and speaking to Mark Cloninger, we were pleased that he was willing to stop at our current home. During his visit, he found the sub-woofer had failed and would need to be replaced. He could have advised new speakers all around, but told us our existing speakers were fine; this was most impressive and indicated we could trust SCS. Mark was patient, professional, competent, understanding, educational and clear. After receiving an estimate we were even more confident in the company's integrity and commitment to meeting our needs at the most reasonable cost. We will be doing business both now and in the future with SCS. We are so happy to have a company that is not going to take advantage of us! Reed Reynolds and Judy Hoover