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Home Theatre

Home Theatre

A space for the whole family to enjoy.

Home entertainment can be described in many ways. Families today use home entertainment to bring everyone together and provide a great escape from the sometimes-stressful hustle and bustle of life. At SCS Home Entertainment, we love to design, create and install lavish home theater systems… but the reality is our most common home entertainment project is hanging a flat-screen TV and providing our clients with a surround sound or soundbar to enhance a great experience. Whether you need one of those lavish home theater rooms or you want to enhance the family entertainment in a more minimal way, SCS Home Entertainment can help.

At SCS, we know going to the “movies” is always a treat! A giant screen featuring a great action movie. Big comfy seats, popcorn, and a sound system that makes it feel like you are right there! SCS can now bring that special feeling of going to the movies right in your own home.  With just one touch on your phone or touchscreen, you can dim the lights and start the show!

Today’s technology in home theater is astounding. From Ultra HD Projectors and life-size screens to meticulously designed speakers and subwoofers that produce realistic audio that fills the room, you get an impeccable experience. When you work with SCS every aspect is precisely engineered to provide maximum enjoyment. For over thirty years SCS Home Entertainment has been building high-quality home theaters with all the amenities you could ask for. Your home theater can be anything from the full-on home cinema experience decorated with movie decor, theater seats, soundproofing and the absolute best equipment to a cozy media room with a big entertainment screen. SCS can put together a home theater that fits your needs and budget.

SCS Home Entertainment uses only the best audio/video components. Sync your audio/video to multiple rooms in your house, guaranteeing you never miss a moment of favorite movies or songs. And, for the audiophiles, SCS can install home speakers that provide reference level sound.

A home theater from SCS Home Entertainment brings you much more than a movie theater could ever offer. Advanced technology brings you a superior level of home theater equipment that surpasses the impact and realism of even the best commercial cinemas. Binge watch your favorite TV shows, invite your friends over to watch the “big game” and a gaming experience unlike any other. Plus, video, audio and lighting, all controlled from the palm of your hand.

Enjoy the best insight and sound from the comfort of your custom home theater created for you by SCS Home Entertainment.

Home Theatre

Video Solutions

Today’s televisions are more than just a box with a screen. From high definition features that give you unparalleled realism to unprecedented picture quality, SCS will keep you on par as technology advances with the best brands in the industry. Plus, SCS Home Entertainment offers you a full line of DVD, Blu-ray and projectors for your new home cinema. The professionals at SCS can help you determine which components will work best with the rest of your system, so you have a smooth experience.

Home Theatre

Multi-Room Audio/Video

Today there is no shortage of streaming entertainment, why not enjoy that from any room in your home. From Netflix and Hulu to Pandora and Amazon Music, you can control the whole house from the palm of your hand. Start a movie in one room and send it to another room with just the press of a button.

No more boxes with messy wires “dangling” from the underside of your television. Both music and video can be controlled from one easy-to-use system.

SCS Home Entertainment offers multi-room audio/video systems designed to deliver the highest quality audio and high-definition video throughout your home or office at an exceptional value. The SCS professional installation team will take the hassle out of dealing with complicated audio/video systems.

Home Theatre

Home Audio & Components

High-performance audio is at the heart of what we do at SCS.  Excellent sound is an integral part of all great home cinemas. With a broad range of the best audio components, SCS has the expertise to help you put together the best sound system for your specific needs. Choosing the right audio and the right components will give you a high definition sound like no other. Let SCS design a system to fit every application, taste and budget.

Home Theatre

Video Compenents

The electronics are the brain of any home theater system. When it comes to the best Home Theater you don’t want to forget the components. SCS offers a full line of DVD, Blu-ray and projectors to accompany your home theater. Thinner and sleeker designs now take the place of larger components requiring more space. SCS can even hide your components so they are out of sight giving you a much more pleasing aesthetic. Want to know what video components can elevate your home theater? Give SCS Home Entertainment a call today!

Home Theatre


Complete your personal home cinema with gorgeous home theater furniture from SCS. From Cabinets, credenzas and plush theater seating to real furniture you won’t have to assemble at home. SCS offers a complete line of Entertainment Furniture from top manufacturers like Lane, Lexington, Salamander, Sligh and more. Let us help furnish your home theater today! Expanding your entertainment area? SCS can also help accessorize your space with pool tables, dart boards, shuffleboard tables and more!

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