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Being in control of your home from anywhere is a good thing… A really good thing. Did you lock your front door? Did you close the garage door? … Did you turn the thermostat down before you left? … All these questions normally require a return trip home to answer. Now, SCS can help you turn your house into a “Smart House”. With the convenience of complete smartphone integration, homeowners are never out of reach of their home. With a smart home solutions package from SCS you can control lighting, security, A/V and climate control form the palm of your hand, without getting up – or from anywhere in the world. You can check your security cameras, turn your lights on or off, adjust the thermostat before arriving home to assure the perfect temperature. All of this and much more, allowing you to be more relaxed. Intelligent smart home solutions from SCS Home Entertainment will leave you comfortable, safe and secure. Plus, all these conveniences are also available in commercial applications.

Get the most out of your smart home.

Enhance your lifestyle with simple, yet sophisticated control of music, video, lights, climate and more. SCS Home Entertainment can provide you with a Whole Home Ultimate Remote Control. Easily control your home audio, video, lighting, temperature and security settings with the simple touch of a button. Eliminate the pile of remotes and let SCS help you set up a system that fits you, your home and your lifestyle.

Let SCS put you in control of your indoor climate. The SCS automated Climate Control systems allow you to adjust the temperatures in different rooms or throughout your entire home. You can raise or lower shades to heat or cool your home naturally. Reducing the amount of energy used.

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Reed Reynolds


"We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment"

We were seeking help upgrading our system. We had two objectives in mind. First, we thought we needed a new receiver and we wanted to know why our sub-woofer wasn't working. Second, we wanted to begin planning for a new home. We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment. After calling and speaking to Mark Cloninger, we were pleased that he was willing to stop at our current home. During his visit, he found the sub-woofer had failed and would need to be replaced. He could have advised new speakers all around, but told us our existing speakers were fine; this was most impressive and indicated we could trust SCS. Mark was patient, professional, competent, understanding, educational and clear. After receiving an estimate we were even more confident in the company's integrity and commitment to meeting our needs at the most reasonable cost. We will be doing business both now and in the future with SCS. We are so happy to have a company that is not going to take advantage of us! Reed Reynolds and Judy Hoover