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The highest quality in video.

From black and white to a picture so real it feels like you are there, the quality of today’s television has come a long way. SCS Home Entertainment stays on top of technology so we can make sure our customers get the very best picture quality available. Carrying only the top brands in the industry, SCS can ensure your TV exceeds anything you have ever watched. Watch a movie, play games or surf the web all controlled from an interactive TV with a resolution you won’t believe.

SCS Home Entertainment carries all the components you will need including a full line of Blu-ray, and projectors to pair perfectly with your new or existing set. The professionals at SCS will help you determine which components perform the best with the video screen you have chosen. SCS offers the latest models of Blu-Ray players. A thinner, more sleek designs takes up less space and offers excellent movie quality.

Did you know Blu-ray players do more than just play movies? Blu-ray players from SCS allow you to purchase and play Netflix movies, listen to your favorite music on CD, Pandora and even shop on Amazon.

The professionals at SCS will find the right components to fit your needs and budget, that’s why SCS Home Entertainment is the best in sight and sound!

We are here to meet your home video needs.

If image quality is what you are looking for you can’t go wrong at SCS Home Entertainment. Feel the beauty of everything you watch with Smart, 4K Ultra HD, OLED and Ultra LED TVs at SCS Home Entertainment. Tons of options and brands are available including Sony. Let SCS help you discover how to get superb image and sound quality all in a smart TV.

Projectors have come a long way since you were in “AV” club in high school. Let SCS show you how a new, sleeker, projector can transform your living room into your own private movie theater.

Electronics are the brain of any home theater system. When it comes to the best Home Theater you don’t want to forget the components. SCS offers a full line of Blu-ray and projectors to accompany your home theater. Thinner and sleeker designs now take the place of larger components requiring more space. SCS can even hide your components so they are out of sight giving you a much more pleasing aesthetic. Want to know what video components can elevate your home theater? Give SCS Home Entertainment a call today!

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Reed Reynolds


"We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment"

We were seeking help upgrading our system. We had two objectives in mind. First, we thought we needed a new receiver and we wanted to know why our sub-woofer wasn't working. Second, we wanted to begin planning for a new home. We took a chance on SCS Home Entertainment. After calling and speaking to Mark Cloninger, we were pleased that he was willing to stop at our current home. During his visit, he found the sub-woofer had failed and would need to be replaced. He could have advised new speakers all around, but told us our existing speakers were fine; this was most impressive and indicated we could trust SCS. Mark was patient, professional, competent, understanding, educational and clear. After receiving an estimate we were even more confident in the company's integrity and commitment to meeting our needs at the most reasonable cost. We will be doing business both now and in the future with SCS. We are so happy to have a company that is not going to take advantage of us! Reed Reynolds and Judy Hoover