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SCS Sells & Installs TVs


If you are considering upgrading your home entertainment or workspace in the near future, a new TV set may be one of the first additions to your living room, home theater, or office. A new TV set can provide crystal-clear resolution, breathtaking landscapes, and high contrast for maximum visibility.

A few obstacles stand between you and your new TV set. First, you must sift through the wide variety of TV sizes, resolutions, and technologies available to you, before settling on exactly one that fits your specific needs.

Installing a TV can be a complex, difficult process, especially for DIYers without experience. An improper TV setup can damage your drywall and your new equipment, which can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

To avoid the hassle and risk of purchasing and installing your own TV, consider contacting SCS to guide you through the process. Here’s how SCS Home Entertainment can make TV upgrades seamless for you.

Choosing the Right TV For Your Space

SCS can help you form and detail your TV upgrade plans from the very beginning. An understanding of your room’s dimensions can help us decide which TV can be best for you. Large televisions in a small room can take up excessive space and prevent your audience from appreciating every detail. In the worst-case scenario, the television may not fit in the room at all. Conversely, small televisions in an expansive home theater space may require your audience to sit too close to the screen.

TV sizes are measured by their diagonal screen dimensions, and tend to sell in 55”, 65”, and 75+” models. 55” and 65” TVs can be suitable for most average-sized to large-sized rooms. SCS carries televisions in several sizes, which can help you determine which of our models fits your space.

After deciding on an appropriate TV size, consider a TV resolution that would fit your space and budget. SCS offers 4K Ultra HD TVs for crystal-clear resolution and stunning picture quality. We can help you find a 4K TV that fits your budget.

You may have existing TV accessories and equipment that require connections to your monitor. Make sure that your TV has the appropriate HDMI, auxiliary, and USB ports, as well as a suitable number of each. SCS carries models that provide these ports, as well as the latest Blu-ray players and projectors if you are looking for more upgrades. Alternatively, consider a television that integrates Smart technology, eliminating the need for external boxes and turning your TV into a web-connected, stream-ready hub.

Lastly, consider the lighting technology of your new TV. Internal lighting systems can affect the contrast of your screen, or how well it distinguishes between light and dark objects. SCS carries TV models with high-end OLED and Ultra-LED lighting, providing beautiful, clear contrast and brightness for any video you are watching.

If the luxury of choice concerning your ideal TV can be overwhelming, we’re here to guide you through the process, step-by-step.

Proper TV Installation

You’ve gotten your hands on the perfect TV for your home or commercial space. A DIY installation may require significant research, equipment, and manual labor, with a possibility of wear and tear down the road. Consider hiring SCS Home Entertainment’s TV installation service to save you time and money in the long term.

SCS’ certified installation team has years of collective experience in both home and commercial TV installation. Our installation process involves unpacking your new OLED or Ultra-LED TV  and mounting it on your wall of choice. We will connect your video components, conceal wires at your discretion, and assist you with setting up the Internet connection.

If you purchase a TV with Smart capabilities, we can integrate your new TV with the rest of your home and conduct a tutorial on its operation. We will also clean up and leave your home theater or commercial space spotless and ready for use. Our installation process does not end when our team leaves, either – we offer ongoing support if you have any questions or issues about your new TV.

Once you have planned out your purchase and install process, it’s time to make your new TV a reality. Whether you are planning your dream home entertainment setup, looking to upgrade a commercial space, searching for a TV technician, or planning a DIY TV install, contact SCS Home Entertainment for a showroom visit. See for yourself how we can bring your ideal home entertainment and commercial spaces to life.